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  1. Antique Dutch Delft wall tiles with animals in blue, 17th century

    Animals, 17th century

    Price on Request
  2. Antique Dutch Delft wall tiles with three headed tulips blue, 17th century

    Tulips, 17th century

    Price on Request
  3. Donkey, c. 1640-1660
  4. Antique Dutch Delft tile in blue with a man skating on ice, 17th century
  5. Antique Dutch Delft tile mural with a flower vase in manganese, 19th century

    Flower vase, c. 1800

    Price on Request

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Reproduction Dutch Delft tiles

Reproduction Dutch Delft wall tiles

We offer a diverse selection of plain white reproduction Dutch Delft wall tiles, also known as 'witjes' in Dutch. All these tiles are handmade and are produced by the same recipes as the original antique ones. Thanks to this, these reproduction tiles have all the characteristics the original old tiles have. Pinholes (that were part of the production process before 1860) and crazing are optional. Samples of all these tiles are available on request. Each selection of tiles can be customized by adding or taking out certain shades, so the entire field meets your expectations.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Reproduction Dutch Delft tiles

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