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  1. Antique Dutch Delft wall tiles in blue with Dianthus flower ornamental pattern, 18th century
  2. Antique Dutch Delft wall tiles with a ornamentel star motif, 19th century

    Snake star, 19th century

    Price on Request
  3. Antique Dutch tile mural with boats and village

    Dutch landscape, c. 1800

    Price on Request
  4. Plain white antique Dutch Delft tiles dating from around 1900

    Plain white, c. 1900

    Price on Request
  5. Antique Dutch Delft tile with a boy walking on stilts, 17th century

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Items 1 to 60 of 84 total

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Figures on Delft tiles

Figures on Dutch Delft tiles

We, humans, have always been depicted on Delft tiles doing everyday things. A carpenter working on a house, a baker preparing his breads, a street musician, children playing on the streets, a priest praying, a painter working on his next Rembrandt or a soldier heading for war. Occupations, the way wars are fought and our appearance has changed throughout the centuries. Delft tiles with figures give you access to the everyday life during the past centuries. Make sure to check out our wall tiles within this category as well.

If you have any questions about Delft tiles with figures or if you are looking for something specific, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to visit our contact page.

Figures on Delft tiles

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