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  1. Antique Dutch Delft tile mural with a bird cage and a yellow canary, 19th century

    Bird cage, 19th century

    Price on Request
  2. Antique Dutch Delft tile in blue with a seal, 17th century

    Seal, c.1650

  3. Antique Delft tile depicting a Chinese person, 17th century
  4. Antique Dutch Delft tile in manganese depicting a city gate
  5. Custom hand-painted Delft wall tiles with sea creatures

    Custom design

    Price on Request

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Animals on Delft wall tiles

Dutch Delft tiles with animals

The story goes that in the 19th and 20th century many young men wanted to join an elite group of students who were all descending from wealthy and prominent families in the Netherlands. They had to complete several tasks before they were able to become a member. One of those tasks was to bring an original 17th century Delft tile with an elephant. Once the student was accepted as a member, the tile was placed in the wall of the clubhouse. Delft tiles with elephants were already very rare, but this tradition made them even more exlcusive. Nowaways they are still considered to be the holy grail of Delft tile collectibles. Of course there are plenty of other great and rare Delft tiles with beautiful animals, such as lions, birds, monkeys, sea creatures or monsters. We even came across a tile once with a Tasmanian Tiger.

If you have any questions about Delft tiles with animals or if you are looking for a specific kind of animal, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to visit our contact page. Make sure to check out our tile murals and wall tiles with animals as well.

Animals on Delft wall tiles

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