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43 Item(s)

Birds on Delft wall tiles

Birds and insects on Dutch Delft tiles

Maybe the polychrome 17th century Delft tiles depicting birds or insects are among the most desired type for collectors. Parrots, , butterflies, dragonflies, pigeons, sparrows, the peewit and even peacocks can be found on these characteristic tiles. They were painted in the most beautiful colors, in flight or while resting on a branch or flower. In very rare occassions birds are portrayed on nails, the so called 'spijkertegels'. By many collectors these type of tiles are considered to be the holy grail of Delft tiles with birds.

If you have any questions about Delft tiles depicting birds and insects or if you are looking for a specific kind of bird or insect, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Click here to visit our contact page. Make sure to check out our wall tiles and tile murals with birds and other type of animals as well.

Birds and insects on Delft wall tiles

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