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Fish and sea creatures depicted on Delft tiles

Fish and sea creatures depicted on Dutch Delft tiles

While the Dutch explores the world with their ships, they had thousands of encounters with sea creatures they weren't familiar with. Due to a lack of vitamins, eyes that suffered from cataract and great story tellers, these creatures quite often ended up being even more spectacular and feared than what they had actually witnessed. No wonder that some of the tiles from the 17th century depict sea creatures that don't like anything we know today. Of course the Dutch also ate the fish they captured during their travels and in their homeland, such as herring, flounder and perch. These kind of fish can also be found on Delft tiles.

If you have any questions about Delft tiles with fish and sea creatures, or if you are looking for a specific kind, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to visit our contact page.

Fish and sea creatures depicted on Delft tiles

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