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  1. Antique Dutch tile mural with manganese flower vase

    Flower vase, c. 1800

    Price on Request
  2. Antique Dutch Delft tile mural with a bird cage and a yellow canary, 19th century

    Bird cage, 19th century

    Price on Request
  3. Antique Delft tile with a beautiful polychrome flower, 17th century
  4. Antique Delft tile with a polychrome ornament, probably Antwerp, 16th century
  5. Antique Delft tile in blue with a man peeing, 17th century

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Sets of antique Delft wall tiles

Sets of antique Delft wall tiles

Every now and then we are able to obtain a set of one specific type of Delft wall tiles. These tiles are often of the same firing, meaning that they were produced by the same factory, painted by the same painter and stayed together throughout the past centuries. They are very consistent in style and shades.

If you have any questions about our sets of antique Delft tiles, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to visit our contact page.

Animals on Delft wall tiles

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